A Hymn for Trinity Sunday (God for us, God with us, God in us)

1 Father God, the great Creator,
who, before the world began,
chose to make us in your image -
such was your eternal plan.
When we turned our backs toward you,
still you loved the world you made;
always for us, not against us,
sent a Saviour - Son of Man.

2 Jesus Christ, who in your mercy
gave your life to set us free,
bore the pain of sin and sorrow
on the cross at Calvary.
There you showed the Father's favour:
endless love so freely given -
here among us, now and always
with us for eternity.

3 Holy Spirit, sent to bring us
faith and wisdom, joy and peace;
fill our lives with strength and purpose,
all your gifts in us release.
God who's for us, with us, in us,
Holy, Blessed Trinity:
now we praise you and adore you -
worship which will never cease.

Derek Baldwin (b. 1944)
© Derek Baldwin, administered by The Jubilate Group
Metre 8 7 8 7 D
Suggested tune: Rustington; Everton; Hyfrydol

CCL# 7051543