Father, Saviour, Holy Spirit, God who numbers all our days,
Lord of present, past and future, help us trace your sovereign ways.
Many years have been our testing, mountain-top to desert dust,
Guided on our global journeys, toughened for a life of trust.

Many years have seen our trusting, clothing, shelter, food each day;
through frustration and fulfilment heart and voice are moved to pray.
Many years have fed our praying, seeking, finding where to turn;
Contrite, thankful, wrestling, waiting - hidden schools where pilgrims learn.

Many years have formed our learning, studies shaping us to teach,
giving time to search the scriptures, words from God to hear and preach.
Many years have fired our preaching, grace we never can deserve;
love from Jesus Christ compels us; his the name we speak, and serve.

Many years have spanned our serving: churches near and far shall sing
at each milestone on the highway of the servants of the king.
Father, Saviour, Holy Spirit, teach us how to count our days;
Ours the joyful recommitment, yours the wisdom, strength and praise!

Christopher Idle b. 1938
© Christopher Idle / Jubilate Hymns

15 15 15 15 or 8787 or 8787D.(The hymn can be set in all three ways).

Author's note: A hymn for the anniversary of a Gospel ministry. The word 'many' may be altered to '20,30,40,50 or even 60 !'

CCL# 5623013