Fill now my life, O Lord my God, in every part with praise:
that my whole being may proclaim your being and your ways.
Not for the lip of praise alone, nor yet the praising heart,
I ask, but for a life made up of praise in every part:

Praise in the common things of life, its goings out and in;
praise in each duty and each deed, exalted or unseen.
Fill every part of me with praise let all my being speak
of you and of your love, O Lord, poor though I be and weak.

Then Lord, from me you shall receive the praise and glory due;
and so shall I begin on earth the song for ever new.
So shall no part of day or night from sacredness be free;
but all my life, with you my God, in fellowship shall be.

Horatius Bonar.

As these words have only been slightly updated there is no Jubilate copyright - the words are public domain.