1 First and Best-beloved,
Source and Fountain-head;
eldest child of Mary,
Firstborn from the dead:
you have taken on the worst;
take us now, to put you first.

2 Last of priests and prophets,
wiser than the wise,
Gift beyond all others,
mercy's final Prize:
footsore Stranger, now our Friend,
stand for us at journey's end.

3 Only Son and Saviour,
lonely, dying Lord,
name of love unrivalled,
treasure unexplored;
sole Resource for humankind,
form in us your single mind.

4 Ending and Beginning,
making all things new,
all our past and future
find their point in you:
Amen! at your feet we fall,
sovereign Christ, our All-in-all!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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