1 Gabriel the angel came
to greet the virgin Mary:
'Peace!' he said, and called her name,
'For joyful news I carry:
the Lord of all from realms above
has looked upon your soul in love;
you shall give birth
to Christ on earth,
the Saviour;
you bear the hope of grace
the mark of heaven's favour,
and all shall see God's face.'

2 Mary asked, 'How can it be:
my love is given to no-one,
Joseph is betrothed to me
can what is done be undone?'
'The Spirit comes and this is how
God's power will be upon you now:
Don't be afraid
what God has said
will cheer you
the promise is not vain
all people shall revere you,
and virtue shall remain.'

3 Mary then with joy replied
'I serve the Lord of heaven:
God shall be my hope and guide
to God my heart is given
who lowly stoops to fill my cup
and raise this humble servant up
God's will this day
I shall obey
then let the nations sing,
such love and mercy voicing,
and praise their Lord and king!'

Angelus ad Virginem , attributed to Philip the Chancellor (fl. 1236), tr. Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 4814483