1 Give praise for famous men
from history's open page,
by whom our God unfolds his plan
for each succeeding age.

2 Some wore a kingdom's crown
and made themselves a name;
some by God's word brought kingdoms down
and with his judgement came.

3 Some fashioned wisest laws
to guard our liberty;
some champions of a lonely cause
set slaves and prisoners free.

4 Some gave their land its songs
of love and hope and faith;
some fought against malignant wrongs
unceasingly till death.

5 Some preached to courts and kings
a Saviour's sovereign claim;
some paid the price his service brings
through torture, blood and flame.

6 Let us pursue the prize
and praise their deeds and words;
the life is theirs that never dies,
the glory is their Lord's.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 976078