1 Give thanks for the gifts and give praise to the Giver!
One body, one Spirit, one hope in God's call;
one Lord and one faith and one baptismal washing,
one Father of all, over all and in all.

2 But all of the members receive by God's goodness
equipment for service, the blessings of love;
For Christ who came down is now raised and ascended,
and freely apportions his gifts from above.

3 So some are apostles and some are his prophets;
evangelists, pastors and teachers he gives
to build up a body mature in its stature,
in Christ new-created, in Christ the church lives.

4 No longer as children, we grow to completeness;
convinced, we no longer uncertainly move:
with Christ as the Head and his people one body
we all work together, made strong in his love.

Christopher Idle from Ephesians 4
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
12. 11. 12. 11

CCL# 3635546