1 Give thanks to God, for he is good,
the everlasting Giver:
let all his people praise the Lord
whose love endures for ever.
For his right hand has made me strong;
I am his new creation:
he is my God, he is my song,
my strength and my salvation.

2 When troubles loomed on every side
and nameless fears surrounded,
to God my Lord I quickly cried
and soon his help abounded.
For God has heard my desperate plea
and seen my pain and sadness;
he came to me and set me free
in paths of peace and gladness.

3 We trust in God, in him alone;
the stone that was rejected
has now become the cornerstone
that God has resurrected.
The day is his, the first of days,
to celebrate with singing;
rejoice in God, and give him praise,
our best hosannas bringing.

4 The Lord has made his light to shine
on all our dark depression;
from east to west, believers join
his victory procession.
O save us, Lord: give us success!
Your gifts flow like a river;
O bless us, God whose name we bless!
Your love endures for ever.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 118
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
8 7. 8 7. D Iambic

CCL# 3045899