After Psalm 29

1 Give the Lord his rightful glory:
let the noblest hearts confess
he's the one whose name is worthy,
his dominion limitless.
Worship him in all his beauty,
worship him in holiness!

2 Hear him call across the waters,
thundering over land and seas;
hear him, powerful and majestic,
breaking down the cedar trees.
Avalanche and mountain-torrent -
he may even speak through these.

3 Hear his voice as forks of lightning
streak across the desert sky,
hear it stripping bare the forests
as his whirlwind passes by,
Hear it as the congregation
echoes "Glory, Lord most high!".

4 On the floods the Lord is seated,
he whose reign will never cease:
when his people faint, exhausted,
still he makes their strength increase;
and, though storms may rage around them,
he enfolds them in his peace.

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl / admin. The Jubilate Group
8 7 8 7 8 7
Suggested tune: REGENT SQUARE (Henry Thomas Smart)

CCL# 5855111