1 Glory and praise to God!
All the skies sing praise
songs from the sun and moon,
from the nights and days:
No human voice is there,
no mortal speech is heard;
still through the depths of space
speeds the sounding word.
Up comes the morning sun
for his mighty race,
and the Lord shines on us
with his truth and grace.

2 Glory and praise to God
for his perfect law,
making the simple wise
and the waverer sure!
Sweeter than honeycomb,
richer than purest gold;
praise for redemption's plan
which the words unfold.
Lord, keep my heart from sin
you have set me free:
be my life and my light;
Jesus, shine on me.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 19
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 2621324