1 Go in Jesus' name
to spread the news of joy and peace:
the harvest fields are ready now
it's time to start to reap.
Go his love proclaim:
his promises will be fulfilled,
and when you are called
to speak for him
he'll give you the words to say.
Let all the world believe him,
let all the world receive him!
In Christ there is peace,
in Christ there is power;
Christ is the hope of all the world.

2 Go in Jesus' name
yes, go to set the prisoners free,
to preach the good news to the poor,
to comfort those who weep.
Go to heal the lame,
bind up the weary, broken hearts;
for where you are called to work for him
he'll give you his strength each day.

Ethel Lopez, Josep Laporta, Michael Perry (Word and Music) (1942 - 1996)
© Word and Music/Jubilate Hymns Ltd.