1 God in each season,
changing, sustaining,
shaping each creature,
purposing all.
Love beyond reason,
we find your meaning
clear in creation,
hearing your call.

2 Spirit of springtime,
birthing and blessing,
we see you growing,
making life new.
And in our summer,
richly outpouring,
we feel your presence
gracious and true. 

3 Christ of our autumn
bearing and dying,
touching, forgiving,
promising peace.
And through our winter
life resurrecting,
all things redeeming,
Kingdom’s increase.

4 God of all seasons,
changer unchanging,
your new Creation
brings our true call;                         
more than all reasons, 
love finds its meaning 
in our Creator,
Saviour of all.

words © Donald Wetherick / Jubilate
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7147150