After Psalm 61

1 God, I'm calling out to you
from a distant, barren land:
listen to my urgent cries
carried faint upon the wind.
When my soul is overwhelmed
and resilience disappears,
lead me to your safe retreat,
lifted up above my fears.

2 Still be there to shelter me
when accusers threaten harm -
in the refuge of your strength
let your presence keep me calm.
In your sanctuary secure
from attacks and buffetings,
let me, like a fledgling, rest
in the comfort of your wings.

3 God, you raised your Son from death,
Christ whose kingdom shall endure;
now, because he gives me life,
my inheritance is sure.
May your faithful, tender love
that restores us and sustains
draw unending thanks and praise
from the hearts where Jesus reigns.

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Alternative tune: HOLLINGSIDE (J B Dykes)

CCL# 7051538