1 God is our guide, our light and our deliverer,
He holds our hand, He walks beside the way.
Lord, may our feet tread in the steps You taught us
to follow firmly as by faith each day,
Your word a light, a lamp to lead our footsteps-
we love the hours when You beside us stay.

2 God is our peace, our help and our protector,
we find His presence in the hour of need.
Lord, though the storms of life may leave us trembling,
Your words of comfort bring us peace within.
When we are weak and fear to face the future
We find such comfort in Your loving arms.

3 God is our hope, our joy and our salvation,
His love alone transforms the sinful heart.
Lord, how we sought Your Spirit's sweet renewing:
Your healing touch has filled our hearts with praise.
We come and worship Jesus, Lord and Saviour,
His love alone must fill our earthly days.

4 God is our strength, our rock and our redeemer
in times of trouble and in times of joy.
Lord, may our lives be full of sure thanksgiving,
our lips be full of symphonies of praise.
You gave us love, a risen, living Saviour,
we bring ourselves, a sacrifice of praise.

Christopher Porteous (born 1935)
© Christopher Porteous/Jubilate Hymns
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Tune: FINLANDIA (Jean Sibelius)

CCL# 1041672