1 God the Lord, the King almighty,
calls the earth from east to west:
shining out from Zion's splendour,
city loveliest and best,
comes our God! He breaks the silence,
robed in burning majesty:
'Gather all my covenant people,
bound by sacrifice to me.

2 'Hear me testify against you:
listen, Israel, as I speak.
I do not require your offerings,
sacrifice I do not seek.
Mountain birds and meadow creatures,
Cattle on a thousand hills,
all the beasts are my possession,
moving as their Maker wills.'

3 God who owns the whole creation
needs no gift, no food, no house,;
bring to him your hearts' thanksgiving
God Most High will hear your vows.
Trust him in the day of trouble,
call to him who will redeem;
he will be your strong deliverer,
his renown your daily theme.

4 Lies increase and evil prospers;
God is silent while men say,
'He has gone let us forget him',
thinking he is false as they.
But his word will judge or save us:
let us come before his throne,
giving thanks, receiving mercy
God's salvation now made known.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 50
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
8 7 8 7 D

CCL# 1077495