1 Great is the Lord! His praise is great
on Zion's mount, his holy place;
the royal city crowns the earth
and shines on all with radiant grace.

2 God is the Tower whose strength was shown
when Satan's armies threatened harm;
they gathered round, and looked, and ran
like boats before the driving storm.

3 Our ears have heard, our eyes have seen
what God the Lord of Hosts has done;
within these walls we celebrate
his steadfast love, his ageless throne.

4 God is the Judge whose mighty name
across the world with praise shall ring:
for his resplendent victories
let Zion shout and Judah sing!

5 God is the King whose kingdom's power
we see built up on every side;
we tell our children of our God
who will for ever be our Guide.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 48
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd


CCL# 873487