1 Happy the people who refuse
to walk the way the wicked choose,
who will not stand where sinners meet,
nor with the scornful take their seat:
the word of God is their delight,
their meditation day and night.

2 Trees set along the waterside
shall yield their fruit at harvest-tide;
though parched the landscape, bare the sky,
their leaves will never fade or die:
so prosper those who daily draw
upon the LORD's eternal law.

3 Not so the wicked! What are they
but winnowed chaff that blows away?
When judgement comes, they shall not stand
among the just at God's right hand:
the LORD protects his people's path,
but godless ways must end in wrath.

Psalm 1, David G Preston
© David G Preston/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
88. 88. 88.

CCL# 6603142