1 Hear me, O LORD, in my distress,
Give ear to my despairing plea!
In faithfulness, in righteousness,
Oh, hear my prayer and answer me.

2 I claim no favour as of right;
You are the God I serve and trust,
Yet judge me not: for in your sight
No living soul is counted just.

3 My fierce oppressor hunts me down:
I shrink in darkness, like the dead;
My spirit fails all hope is gone,
My heart is overwhelmed with dread.

4 Days long since vanished I review,
I see the wonders of your hands,
And I stretch out my hands to you,
For you I thirst like desert sands.

5 LORD, answer me without delay!
I perish if you hide your face;
In you I trust: let this new day
Bring word of your unfailing grace.

6 From my pursuers save me still:
In you my refuge I have found;
Teach me, O God, to do your will,
And lead my feet on level ground.

7 For your name's sake, LORD, hear my plea:
Your servant's stricken life preserve!
From all oppression set me free
To live and love the God I serve.

Psalm 143, David G. Preston
© David G .Preston/Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 1027328