1 Here, Lord, we come to you,
the fount of life,
eternal love:
so in this faithless world
our faith renew.

2 Lord, all things come from you
for every life
in every land:
that we may share your gifts,
our love renew.

3 Here, Lord, we bring to you
each lonely life,
each hungry child:
in all who want and wait,
their hope renew.

4 Lord, we confess to you
our selfish ease,
our lack of love:
now through your Spirit's touch
your church renew.

5 So, Lord, we come to you,
we are all one,
of humankind:
so in our common need
our life renew.

6 Help us to do your will,
turn prayer to deed,
stir heart and mind,
and through our grateful lives
your world renew.

James Edward Seddon (1915 - 1983)
© The Representatives of the late James Edward Seddon / Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 967025