1 His eyes will guide my footsteps
when faltering age is near;
his light will lift my darkness
and help my ears to hear:
in faith I claim the promise
of Jesus' love for me;
the Lord of hope and healing
who made the blind to see.

2 When others fail or leave me,
he comes to me in prayer;
when life no longer needs me
I find my comfort here:
his promises are faithful
he lives, my closest friend;
I know that he will keep me
until my days shall end.

3 He comes when I am weary,
in pain or in distress;
with patient understanding
and perfect gentleness:
he was far more forsaken
than I shall ever be;
the presence of my saviour
is everything to me.

Christopher Porteous (born 1935)
© Christopher Porteous/Jubilate Hymns Ltd.
7 6 7 6 D

CCL# 3256547