1 Holy Spirit, heaven's breath,
blow wherever now is death:
safe and sound, or lone and lost,
bring us life at Pentecost!

2 Wind that races from the sea
causing future things to be,
from our chaos make anew
minds to love and worship you.

3 Wind that blows through farm and field
tiny seed for mighty yield,
sow the word of life in us;
plant the tree they call the cross.

4 Wind that shreds the cloudy sky,
gale for making wet or dry,
move the guilty soul to tears,
then remove the mourner's fears.

5 Wind that fans into a flame
sparks of faith in Jesus' name.
come in judgement and in love;
burn in us till mountains move!

6 Praise the Spirit, earth and heaven,
praise to Jesus Christ be given:
praises sing from shore to shore
God our glory evermore!

Wind that whips the grassy dunes,
gives the salty waves their tunes
make fresh music, rhythm, rhyme;
make your people move in time!
Wind that eddies through the town
gusting up the streets and down,
drive our dirt and dross away,
make us clean this holy day.
Wind that bends the shaking trees
bringing woodlands to their knees,
break our hearts, to mend again,
self to die, and love remain.
Wind that sounds through pipe and reed
treble, bass, in turn to lead;
harmonise your church's voice
that in truth we shall rejoice.
Wind that shakes the steeple's bell,
echoes round the towers that tell
God has given his church a tongue;
let his changes here be rung!
Living creatures:
Wind that cattle must endure,
breeze where gulls and geese can soar;
breath by which creation sings,
make us rise on eagles' wings!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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part of the podcast series: 30 Hymns: Christopher Idle with Lance & Sue Pierson
Permitted Variant: The original hymn for use in the Anglican Diocese of Saint Edmundsbury and Ipswich gives line 3 in verse 6 as 'Suffolk sings from fen to shore'.