1 How blest are the people possessing true peace,
in humble repentance sad hearts find release;
Christ’s death has accomplished forgiveness within,
his goodness a garment to cover their sin.

2 How blest are the people receiving God’s grace,
they know that the Lord is a safe hiding place;
his strength their protection when troubles are long,
his power in deliverance the theme of their song.

3 How blest are the people desiring to learn,
who pray God will guide them his ways to discern;
he uses their trials his kindness to prove,
surrounding them daily with mercy and love.

4 How blest are the people believing God’s word,
who live by the Spirit of their risen Lord;
his indwelling presence their heaven begun,
and joyful their praises to God, Three-in-One!

Barbara Woollett (born 1937), based on Psalm 32

© Barbara Woollett / Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 3606953