How firm the ground on which I stand,
how strong the arm that holds me:
in all that God has willed and planned
His purpose still enfolds me.

Through Christ, before the world was made,
with steadfastness unswerving,
his loving hand on me was laid,
despite my undeserving.

And since my birth his sovereign grace
has shaped my life's whole story;
so, even now, in Jesus' face
I glimpse the coming glory.

His Spirit led me to the cross
to see him die to save me;
and now I count this world as loss
to gain the life he gave me.

To make me blameless in his sight
remains his love's endeavour,
till on that Day in heaven's light
I sing his grace for ever.

So let us all receive the word
of him who made and knows us;
and praise the everlasting God
who in his mercy chose us.

Derek Baldwin (b. 1944)
© Derek Baldwin, administered by The Jubilate Group
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Suggested tune: St Columba