1 How many are against me, Lord:
how many fierce attacks rise up!
They say 'God will not come to help'
and people taunt, 'There is no hope.'

2 But you are round me, Lord, my shield;
but you, my glory, lift my head!
You hear me from your holy hill
and answer when I cry aloud.

3 I go to rest, and sleep in peace
I wake again; God keeps me safe:
ten thousand shall not make me fear,
for all their threats to take my life.

4 Arise, O Lord, to rescue me:
arise and save me, O my God!
You silence all my enemies
till scorn and spite are all destroyed.

5 Your blessings, Father, grant to us;
your help, O Saviour, still be ours:
O Holy Spirit, fill our lives
to God be glory, love, and praise!

Christopher Idle from Psalm 3
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 1049856