1 I long to sing with Abraham
the father of us all
who trust the promise of the Lord, 
and follow at his call.
I long to sing with Miriam
as Israel's host walks free,
when music sounds along the shore 
and echoes by the sea.

2 I long to sing with Deborah,
God's justice coming near;
of quaking mountains, rushing streams 
and faith replacing fear.
I long to sing with Naomi,
with Boaz and with Ruth,
the tunes of harvest and of home, 
Christ's family, God's truth.

3 I long to sing with Samuel
whose mother sang before;
their words have lasted to this day, 
their prayers for evermore.
I long to sing with Daniel
who prays with faithful friends, 
and never wavers from his Lord 
no matter what he sends.

4 I long to sing with Simeon
and Mary, young and old,
of peace, salvation, glory, light
for Israel and the world.
I long to sing with Lazarus,
and what a song is his,
raised from the tomb, but first to touch 
the very edge of bliss!

5 I long to sing with Barnabas, 
Priscilla, Silas, Paul;
with Luke and Mark, whose second chance 
spells mercy for us all.
I long to sing with Timothy 
in Philippi or Rome,
with Peter in proud Babylon, 
on travels far from home.

6 I long to sing with Gabriel
and all the heavenly host
at our Creator's glorious throne, 
his love our only boast.
I long to sing with all the saints, 
the leaders and the led,
and with the Lord of all the songs, 
Redeemer, King and Head.

Metre: 8 6 8 6 D 

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words © Christopher Idle / Jubilate
admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd
part of the podcast series: 30 Hymns: Christopher Idle with Lance & Sue Pierson