1 I come in joy and wonder
to meet my Lord today,
in quiet expectation
to listen and to pray.
I lift my hands towards him,
my heart leaps up in praise:
for he's the great creator,
the God of endless days.

2 The Lord is just and righteous
in all his words and ways;
his holiness burns brightly,
an all-consuming blaze;
yet, through his grace and mercy,
I can draw near to see -
for Christ has spread his garment
of righteousness on me.

3 I come to praise my Saviour
who hung on Calvary;
his death and resurrection
have set this sinner free!
But, as I bow before him,
I do not come alone:
I share with countless millions
who've made his Name their own.

4 So, Father God, we praise you
for love in Jesus shown,
now by your Spirit teach us
to make his gospel known:
till, with your holy people
all gathered at your feet,
in praise that knows no limits
your kingdom is complete.

Derek Baldwin
© Derek Baldwin / admin. The Jubilate Group

CCL# 5369315