I come in joy and wonder
to meet my Lord today,
in quiet expectation
to listen and to pray.
I lift my hands towards him,
my heart leaps up in praise:
for he's the great creator,
the God of endless days.

The Lord is just and righteous
in all his words and ways;
his holiness burns brightly,
an all-consuming blaze;
yet, through his grace and mercy,
I can draw near to see -
for Christ has spread his garment
of righteousness on me.

I come to praise my Saviour
who hung on Calvary;
his death and resurrection
have set this sinner free!
But, as I bow before him,
I do not come alone:
I share with countless millions
who've made his Name their own.

So, Father God, we praise you
for love in Jesus shown,
now by your Spirit teach us
to make his gospel known:
till, with your holy people
all gathered at your feet,
in praise that knows no limits
your kingdom is complete.

Derek Baldwin (b.1944)
© Derek Baldwin / admin. The Jubilate Group