1. I cry to the Lord who answers me,
come to my aid, deliver me
from all deceit, hypocrisy,
O flood this weary soul.
Our land has under darkness lain
where words are broken, promise slain;
O let your truth now rise again
and shine its peaceful light.
Come, child of our hope and bring the dawn,
where peace shall reign and hope reborn,
where children play - for fear is gone;
when Jesus comes to reign.
Come, Prince of Peace, lift up our eyes
until the morning star shall rise
and on the earth your glory shines;
when Jesus comes to reign.
to reign, to reign, to reign.

2. Let words be spoken, true and bold
that shatter Satan's evil hold,
so light can flood our thirsty souls
and trust be born again.
Let confidence in Christ arise,
we walk his way, hope in our eyes.
To touch the Truth: our glorious prize,
when Jesus comes again.
Come, child of our hope . . .

Steve James
© Steve James / Jubilate Hymns