1 I know it was your love for me
that led you, Lord, to Calvary;
I know it was the sin,
the state that I was in,
that caused you suffering and pain.
Lord Jesus, through your broken heart
you've given me a brand new start;
O, help me to be true
and in eternity with you
I'll never break your heart again!

2 And while I live upon this earth,
I want to show the world your worth
this love was meant to share,
to comfort and to care
for those who thought themselves alone.
You gave your life at endless cost
to serve the world and save the lost;
and your Spirit, ever living,
is continually giving
from the riches of your throne.

Geoff Twigg (born 1951)
© 1993 Geoffrey Twigg/Jubilate Hymns Ltd.

CCL# 2298953