Let love to love respond and say,
'O praise the Lord with me today!'

1 I love the Lord, he hear my voice,
he listened when I called his name;
in thankfulness I shall rejoice
his grace and mercy to proclaim.

2 When dark despair entangled me,
in depths of grief I called his name;
from sin and death he set me free,
and to my rescue Jesus came.

3 I cried with sorrow many tears
in guilty dread I called his name;
but God forgave my doubts and fears,
he told me Jesus took the blame:

4 Now that I know he answers prayer,
with child-like trust I'll call his name;
when there is no one else to care
his steadfast love will stay the same.

5 Turn to the Lord, his word obey,
lift up your voice and call his name;
ask him to lead you in his way
his promised love is yours to claim:

After Psalm 116, Barbara Woollett (born 1937)
© Barbara Woollett/Jubilate Hymns
8 8.8 8.8 8 including refrain

CCL# 969418