After Psalm 116

1 I love the Lord - his listening ear
perceived my faint, despairing cry;
and now, because he stooped to hear,
I’ll call upon him till I die.
My life was in the grip of death,
its terrors overwhelming me;
and, as my sorrow choked my breath,
I begged the Lord to set me free.

2 Our God is gracious, he is just,
with tender love beyond belief.
The weak and helpless all may trust
his power, who came to my relief.
O Lord, I'm truly satisfied
and take my leave of frets and fears:
you saved me when I should have died,
and wiped away my bitter tears.

3 When I was wrestling with regret,
convinced that no-one's words were true,
you caught my stumbling feet, and set
me on the road to walk with you.
What can I offer back to you,
my Lord, for all your grace to me?
I'll speak your name, so great and true,
and lift the cup of victory.

4 To you the death of every saint
is dear - so now I take my part,
and, loosed from bondage, here present
the offering of my thankful heart.
Then, with your people gathered round,
I'll pledge to serve you all my days;
and may this holy place resound,
O Lord, with never-ending praise!

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl / admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 8 8 8 8 D (DLM)
Suggested tune: ST PATRICK (Irish traditional melody)

CCL# 5655854