1. I see your crib - a cradle where the cattle cry,
and in the stall you lie, sweet Mary's holy boy.
The promise, and the love, God gives -
yet in the world around no place for him is found.
'No room!' they cried - our Lord was left outside.

2. I see your face, so full of love in sleep -
and shepherds leave their sheep to come and worship here.
Good news, which choirs of angels tell:
God's only wondrous Son to us on earth has come.
See where he lies in straw; praise, worship, and adore!

3. I see your star - a guide, the way for men and kings,
the gift of God who brings salvation from our sins,
who brings the grace of God to man.
He had no home, no bed: 'Come, follow me!' he said -
Lord, let me hear your call, and bring my life, my all!

Christopher Porteous

© Christopher Porteous / Jubilate Hymns


CCL# 4537722