1 I should be getting to know you:
you're my Father, I'm your child
I should be getting to know you,
the touch of your hand,
the warmth of your smile.
Help me to listen to your word
and then to act on what I've heard;
help me to know that your love for me is sure
O draw me closer, my Father and my Lord.

2 I should be getting to know you;
for, despite the wrong I do,
Lord, you still want me to know you.
You know in my heart I mean to be true:
teach me to love your holy ways
and walk within them all my days,
remaining loyal to you, my faithful Friend,
because I know that your love will never end.

Geoff Twigg (born 1951)
© 1993 Geoffrey Twigg/Jubilate Hymns Ltd.

CCL# 1565048