1 If God does not build up our house,
in vain the builders' hands;
if God does not protect the town,
in vain the watchman stands.

2 In vain we rise at early dawn
or night's late vigil keep
in worry for our daily bread:
God loves, and grants us sleep.

3 Our sons and daughters are a gift,
a blessing from the Lord;
like arrows from a warrior's bow
they bring a rich reward.

4 How blessed are they in God their Lord
whose children bless that name,
who stand assured before the world
and are not put to shame!

5 To God who made us, God who saves,
and God, who is our friend,
one God, be glory, blessing, praise
for love that has no end.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 127
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3338386