1 If the building is not of the Lord,
There is no use in starting the building.
If the Lord is not watching the town,
There is no point in having it guarded.
Praise Him in whom we can trust
Jesus our rock, our strong defence.
Praise Him for life that's secure,
For love that will not end.

2 You are careful to wake with the dawn.
For your wages you toil till the evening.
But the Lord gives the ones that He loves
All His gifts even while they are sleeping.

3 Every child is a gift of the Lord,
Those we love a great joy and a blessing,
It is great to be blessed of the Lord,
It's the life with which no one can quarrel.

David G. Wilson (born 1940)
© David Wilson/Jubilate Hymns
9 10 9 10 7 8 7 6 including refrain
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CCL# 879560