1 I'll sing a new hymn to my God
of glory majestic and free,
unconquered in splendour, the Lord
who spoke, and all worlds came to be.
His Spirit was sent to create;
no mortal can silence his word:
creation declares, God is great,
and quakes when his music is heard.

2 High mountain and deep ocean floor
will melt, for their Maker will come,
and nations opposing his law
are judged by his thundering doom.
No offering or work of our hands,
no service our hearts can perform,
can match what his justice demands
or shelter our lives from his storm.

3 But now full of hope we come near,
for all are rewarded who seek;
we find you, the God whom we fear,
in Jesus, the Word that you speak.
In him all our payment is made
and we are created anew;
no longer condemned or afraid,
but safe in your love, we love you!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
8 8 8 8.D Anapaestic

CCL# 3241851