In all the world of beauty round us
and the stars that shine above,
in all the art and all the science
and the mystery of love -
there is a truth that all may find
which lifts the heart and frees the mind:
the hand of one above all humankind
is plain for all to see.

But then this world through which he's spoken
fell into the mire of sin;
the beauty's lost, the friendship's broken
by an enemy within.
Yet all God's work is not undone:
in his strong love for everyone
he sent to earth his one and only Son
to die for you and me.

Then praise our God, the great Creator,
Lord of life and King of love,
who with the Son and Holy Spirit
pours his blessings from above.
Let all the children of new birth
serve God with joy on this good earth,
'til every creature celebrates his worth
through all eternity.

Derek Baldwin (b.1944)
© Derek Baldwin / admin. The Jubilate Group
Irreg: 9 7 9 7 8 8 10 6 (Tune: LINDEN LEA by Ralph Vaughan Williams)

CCL# 5369841