1 In awe and wonder, Lord our God,
we bow before your throne;
such holiness and burning love
are yours, and yours alone.

2 Angelic spirits, night and day,
adore your name on high.
Eternal Lord in majesty
you hear their ceaseless cry:

3 'O holy, holy, holy Lord,
great God of power and might,
all glorious in heaven and earth,
you reign in realms of light.'

4 Your holiness inspires our fear,
evokes, and heals, our shame;
your boundless wisdom, awesome power,
unchangeably the same.

5 Salvation comes from you alone
which we can never win;
your love revealed on Calvary
is cleansing for our sin.

6 There is no grace to match your grace,
no love to match your love,
no gentleness of human touch
like that of heaven above.

7 On earth we long for heaven's joy
where, bowed before your throne,
we know you, Father, Spirit, Son,
as God, and God alone.

Michael Saward (born 1932)
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 1597360