In exile from their homes,
exposed to pagan eyes,
God's servants wait; his favour comes
with health to make them wise.
On trial through dangerous days
they fear no dreams of kings;
their work is prayer, their joy is praise,
from God their courage springs.

Where idols are built up
and blasphemy is law,
they face the flames, affirm their hope,
and fill their foes with awe.
When walking with the great
their witness does not fail;
to powers that be they demonstrate
God's kingdom must prevail.

Where judgements stir the land
and trembling shakes the throne,
the Most High holds us in his hand
and makes his purpose known
When prayer is disallowed,
let powers do what they please
we need not ape the faithless crowd
but fall upon our knees.

So Daniel and the three
endured as they began;
their God is ours! By faith we see
and serve the Son of Man,
till all the wise shall shine
like stars for evermore;
with those who point the way divine,
one Saviour we adore.

Christopher Idle b. 1938

© Christopher Idle/ Jubilate Hymns

6 6 8 6 D (DSM)


CCL# 3632068