1 In God the Lord my heart is strong,
my joy in him is free;
he gives my mouth a triumph song,
he saves and rescues me.

2 Not one is holy like the Lord;
our God, no Rock like you:
you weigh each boastful deed and word,
our every thought you know.

3 Your strength can fashion or destroy,
can ruin or create;
you lift the poor to heights of joy
and judge the rich and great.

4 You break the bow and stop our strife;
the hungry starve no more,
while lonely homes are filled with life
and welcome marks the door.

5 You guard the faithful, guide their feet,
and bring the wicked down;
you end at last this world's deceit
and give your saints a crown.

6 May God who raised me from the dust
and governs all my ways
direct my heart in humble trust,
my voice in perfect praise.

7 O Christ my King, whose mighty plan
makes such a prayer come true,
as in your pain our hopes began
your power shall make them new.

Christopher Idle from 1 Samuel 2
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3808672