1 In majesty and splendour
and robes of light endowed
is God who spreads the heavens
and rides upon the cloud,
with flame and fire His servants,
As messenger, the wind.
O honour God with worship.
Give praise, all humankind..

2 The earth you set securely
and covered with a cloak
of waters over mountains
which, at your bidding, broke
and, from the voice of thunder
down rivers fled the rain
to where, by your provision,
the waters shall remain.

3 To us you give the harvest,
give animals to feed,
to every suppliant creature
the graces that we need.
The woodland tree is watered,
where birds may build their nest,
while high upon the mountains
wild creatures find their rest.

4 You spread the shades of darkness,
you forge the day - time heat,
you teach the moon the seasons,
the sun to rise and set.
For beast you make the night time
till dawn to hunt their prey;
for us, the light till evening
to labour through the day.

5 The bounds of your creation
they cannot be apprised,
and countless are the wonders
your wisdom has devised.
Yet what are we without you?
You hide your face we die:
so while life lasts we worship
and praise you, God most high.

Michael Perry (1942-1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
7 6 7 6 D Iambic

CCL# 991149