1 In patient hope I sought the Lord;
he turned to me - my cry was heard;
he raised me from the miry pit,
on solid rock he set my feet.
He turned my cry to newborn song:
from heart and voice God's praises sprang;
as many see such grace outpoured,
in fear they'll turn and trust the Lord.

2 How happy those who put their trust
in God the Lord - not like the lost
that follow leaders blind and proud
who worship some pretended god.
So many wonders you have done,
what blessings still for us you plan,
O Lord - my God beyond compare! -
Too many are they to declare.

3 You have desired not sacrifice
but open ears to obey your voice;
'I come,' I answered, 'at your call,
as written of me in the scroll.
I come your purpose to fulfil,
glad, O my God, to do your will;
obedience is my joyful part:
your law is stamped upon my heart.'

4 Now have your gathered people heard
your righteousness proclaimed, O Lord;
I have not failed to tell them of
your saving acts and steadfast love.
Lord, do not hold your mercies back:
so many storm clouds round me break;
my countless faults come crowding in,
my heart is overwhelmed by sin.

5 Be pleased, O Lord, to rescue me
from all who seek my life today;
let all who laugh at my distress
be put to flight in sheer disgrace.
May all whose hope on you is set
forever say: 'The Lord is great!'
Yet poor, in need, to you I pray;
my God O hear, do not delay.

David G Preston (born 1939) from Psalm 40
© David Preston/Jubilate Hymns Ltd