1 In times past the prophets promised
God's Christ would come;
all the scriptures gave their witness,
God's Christ would come -
come to bring the people freedom,
justice, mercy, heaven's wisdom,
all the blessings of the kingdom -
God's Christ would come.

2 Then from Bethlehem of Judah
God's Christ has come!
Born to Mary, grace-filled mother,
God's Christ has come!
Yet his works of lovingkindness
meet with unbelieving blindness -
not, however, from the powerless -
God's Christ has come.

3 On the day of God's own choosing
once more he'll come;
on the clouds of heaven riding
once more he'll come.
Truth shall humble every nation,
sheep and goats find separation,
then unfolds Christ's great salvation:
once more he'll come.

4 As the years fast overtake us,
Lord Jesus Christ,
let not life's reversals shake us,
Lord Jesus Christ!
Give us faith that moves a mountain,
hope that rises like a fountain,
love whose worth's enduring, certain,
Lord Jesus Christ!

David Mowbray (b.1938)
© David Mowbray, admin. The Jubilate Group
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