1 In you, O Lord, I find my refuge;
never let me be put to shame:
my rock, my fortress, help me, guide me;
come for the sake of your great name!
Into your hands I trust my spirit,
Lord God of truth, redeeming me:
from falsehood and from fears you save me;
you gave me space, and I was free.

2 Now once again show me your mercy;
these heavy years are filled with grief:
friend, foe and neighbour all discard me,
leave me for dead, with no relief.
I hear the whispering tongues of many;
fears lie in wait on every side:
they have been plotting all together;
threats to my life are multiplied.

3 But as for me, I trust in you, Lord;
I said that you, O God, are mine:
my times are in your hands; O save me
from all their hands, by grace divine!
O let your face shine on your servant!
Save me by your unfailing love:
let me not share the fate of liars;
come now with mercies from above.

4 For those who fear you, such great goodness,
your treasured blessings, are outpoured;
in your safe dwelling you protect me
from wounds and words I praise you, Lord!
He showed his love within the city,
guarding his people, judging wrong:
love him, all you who trust his mercy;
take heart, and in the Lord be strong!

Christopher Idle from Psalm 31
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
9 8. 9 8. D

CCL# 3353165