1 Into the world, with love,
God sends his trusted Son!
Dying and rising here
he claims us for his own:
    Come, Holy Spirit of the Lord,
    to help us live and speak your word.

2 Gathered from all four winds,
all languages, all lands,
Christ’s universal Church
suffers, survives, expands:
    Come, Holy Spirit….

3 Partners in Christ are we,
members with different gifts;
valuing others’ skills,
facing and healing rifts:
    Come, Holy Spirit….

4 Saints in the making now, 
clay on the potter’s wheel, 
seeking to be like Christ,
stamped with the Spirit’s seal:  
    Come, Holy Spirit….

5 Into the world we’re sent,
heeding the Saviour’s voice:  
through life’s demanding days 
Christ bids each heart rejoice:  
    Come, Holy Spirit….

© David Mowbray, admin. The Jubilate Group 
Suggested tune:  LITTLE CORNARD (Martin Shaw)