1 Israel's Shepherd, hear our prayer,
leading Joseph by your care,
throned between the cherubim,
light for us, as once for him:
waken all your mighty powers;
Israel's Shepherd, Lord, be ours!
Restore us now, O God, we pray
and make your face shine on our ways:
restore us, that we may be saved!

2 God of hosts, O Lord, how long
will your wrath be burning strong?
You were angered by our prayers,
feeding us the bread of tears;
to our neighbours we bring strife
while our foes deride our life.
Restore us, God of hosts, we pray
and make your face shine on our way:
restore us, that we may be saved!

3 Out of Egypt's land you brought
one choice vine, and set apart,
planted it and cleared the ground,
kept it till it filled the land:
mountains nestled in its shade,
coast to coast its branches spread.

4 Lord, why now destroy her hedge?
Strangers strip her foliage,
forest animals make free
God of hosts, look down and see!
Bless from heaven this chosen root;
as a father, guard its fruit!

5 Now your vine is cut and burned
like the flock your wrath has spurned;
touch again your chosen son,
firstborn, raised for you alone,
that we turn not back to shame,
but for life we plead your name.
Revive, restore, Lord God of hosts:
Shine on us so we are not lost
and save us to the uppermost!

Christopher Idle from Psalm 80
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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