1 It may be at dawn, when the day is awaking,
when sunlight through darkness and shadow is breaking,
that Jesus will come in the fulness of glory,
at the sound of the trumpet of God!
Come, Lord Jesus, how long?
how long till we hear the glad song?
Christ is coming, hallelujah,
hallelujah! Amen.
Christ is coming! Amen.

2 It may be at noon, or it may be at twilight,
it may be instead that the darkness of midnight
will burst into light in the blaze of his glory,
at the coming of Jesus our God!
Come, Lord Jesus . . .

3 Dominions and powers will be shaken and scattered,
the empire of evil will one day be shattered;
the kingdoms of earth will dissolve at his glory,
with the coming of Christ and of God!
Come, Lord Jesus . . .

4 We watch and we work for the end of all crying,
no sickness or grief, no decaying or dying;
the Lamb from his throne will be coming in glory,
to receive all the ransomed of God!
Come, Lord Jesus . . .

H L Turner
© in this version Richard Bewes / The Jubilate Group