1 It's about time and years that count, and moments that have flown;
it's about places, dates and lines, and clocks in every zone;
it's about twice one thousand years since Jesus Christ was born:
God with us, but destined for a cross.

2 It's about time to face the truth our calendars proclaim;
it's about Anno Domini we give the years his name!
It's about time to check out who he is and why he came,
for his word will show us Christ is Lord.

3 It's about time to see the hand of God at work today;
it's about time to tune to him, to listen and obey:
it's about time to make some space, and travel on his way,
for he lives, and all his love he gives.

4 It's about time to search our hearts and change our rebel ways;
it's about time to face the truth in our remaining days,
turning to Christ from worthless things and giving God the praise:
he has come, and now for us it's time!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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