Jesus, Lord, our hearts are grieving: draw near today;
yet we come in faith, believing: do not delay.
Thank you for your gifts of pleasure,
countless joys we cannot measure,
for this life - a special treasure:
hear us, we pray.

Lord, our hearts are filled with sorrow - you know our pain;
you are Lord today, tomorrow: your truths remain;
as your words of life address us,
may your peace and love possess us,
and, through this, your promise, bless us -
"Dying is gain."

Lord, with sadness, hearts are aching - grief is profound;
yet we know that your compassion is so renowned;
on your promises relying,
in your strength (your grace supplying),
we'll go forward, living, dying,
on solid ground.

Brian Black (b.1926)
© Brian Black, administered by The Jubilate Group
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