1 Jesus, most generous Lord,
whose nature is to give,
direct your searching word
upon the way we live.
The hungry cry
with none to heal;
so make us feel
their agony.

2 Once rich, becoming poor,
you filled us by your grace:
move us to care much more
about your starving race:
by love may we
bring hope to birth
and learn on earth

3 You fasted forty days,
fed thousands in their need;
so touch our meals with praise
and set us free from greed.
You travelled light
on roads of dust,
and pilgrims must
keep you in sight.

4 No palace for your home,
no gracious dwelling there;
let us in every room
show you are welcome here.
To death you came
in nakedness;
the way we dress
is costlier shame.

5 Help us serve you alone -
to follow where you lead,
renouncing gods of stone
and wealth and power and speed;
to share abroad
your rich supplies,
most humble, wise
and generous Lord.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jublilate Hymns Ltd
6 6 6 6. 4 4 4 4

Suggested tune: LOVE UNKNOWN

CCL# 3461734