Jesus, Name above all names,
our Redeemer,
far beyond all human claims,
God our Brother;
Branch from Jesse's Root of kings,
Royal Leader,
Lord of good and perfect things,
Changeless Founder.

Christ, the Door and David's Key,
heaven opens;
Christ, of God the One in Three,
death awakens;
Dayspring, Everlasting Light,
darkness breaking,
Sun of Righteousness, from night
our hearts raising.

King of Gentile, King of Jew,
all embracing;
Cornerstone, secure and true,
of faith's building;
God with us, Emmanuel,
our Lawgiver,
born on earth with us to dwell,
Christ, our Saviour!

Jesus, Name above all names,
now and ever;
far beyond all human claims,
Wisdom, Teacher;
as two thousand years ago,
you are with us;
Christ, today in faith we know
you receive us.

Paul Wigmore
© Paul Wigmore / Jubilate Hymns
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